This engagement shoot holds a special place in my heart as it is one where my husband and I played a minor role in creating.

This engagement shoot holds a special place in my heart as it is one where my husband and I played a minor role in creating.

Angelica or Ange is a very good friend we met while we lived in Dubai and David is my husband's ex-colleague. One night about 2 years ago, we invited them and a few other friends who were all single to our home for a potluck dinner and introduced them to each other. They had an immediate connection. Alan suggested that David give Ange a ride home as she didn't have a car. She told me that his phone battery died as he dropped her off and he asked her to take his number instead. She was shy about being the first to contact him, so I immediately posted the photo I took of them that night and tagged them on Facebook then and the rest is love history. :)

Also, Ange played a special role in my career as a photographer as she agreed to be a model for me when I was still developing my skills and building my portfolio. She was so willing and patient to try different poses and angles. Thanks to her constant encouragement, I also built up confidence to pursue this interest. She always used to say she's my biggest fan and always waited for my new posts. Back in the early days, this meant a lot to me. It still does.

Ange is very caring and her enthusiasm is infectious. We used to have regular potlucks in our home and always loved cooking and laughing together. It is easy to see why David fell in love with this beautiful soul so quickly.

David is slightly quieter but my impressions of him has always been he is a consummate gentleman. He listens attentively when you speak and gives thoughtful replies. I think they are truly well matched in many areas.

When they got engaged, we were so happy for both of them. We discussed ideas about the shoot and they decided to fly over to Doha for it. I wanted a wide variety of different locations to capture their playfulness as well as the loving gestures they displayed for each other. I also secretly planned a surprise for them. I asked them both to answer a series of questions (unbeknownst to the other party) and said I wanted to surprise the other person later on. My goal was tears on both sides and I'm happy to report that my goal was achieved. :) They were both caught by surprise and truly touched by what their partner has written about them. It was a very special moment to witness and capture.

They were both perfect models as they were open to keep trying different poses and shoot for long hours in the sweltering heat.

As they embark on this new journey together, I would like to leave them with these words from the 'Abdu'l-Bahá:

"What a power is love! It is the most wonderful, the greatest of all living powers. Love gives life to the lifeless. Love lights a flame in the heart that is cold. Love brings hope to the hopeless and gladdens the hearts of the sorrowful. In the world of existence there is indeed no greater power than the power of love. When the heart of man is aglow with the flame of love, he is ready to sacrifice all—even his life. In the Gospel it is said God is love."

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