I met the Oliver and Bing at the hospital a month ago.

I met the Oliver and Bing at the hospital a month ago. It was for a happy occasion though - the birth of our mutual friends' baby, Vera. Oliver is from Germany and Bing is from China and it was wonderful to see them converse with their son Pascal is 3 different languages. I always love seeing mixed race couples as it's a very obvious example that love transcends barriers as superficial as race.

I have to admit that I was slightly intimidated at first as Oliver looks like a typical German man, tall with a serious disposition. But after getting to know him a little, he can be quite the joker. Of course his jokes are usually told with a straight face, so it can be hard to distinguish at times. Bing, on the other hand has an easy smile so she adds the soft touch to their coupling.

Their son Pascal is one rambunctious child! He has got SOO much energy and can definitely wear one down quickly. But he is also very cheerful and is very comfortable in front of the camera, having done this before.

Sleepy little Mia is a dream baby. Easy to work with and not fussy at all. She is also as smiley as her mummy. There were so many beautiful shots from this session, it was hard for me to choose which to post. So I have chosen more than my usual number. Hope you enjoy them!

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